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Town Hall

503 Geyser Road
Ballston Spa, NY 12020
Phone: (518) 885-9220
Fax: (518) 885-0895

Office Hours
Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm

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The Town of Milton Summer Recreation Program is a five week program for children entering Kindergarten through those entering 8th grade.  This is a supervised program, licensed by the NYS Department of Health.  The camp provides a structured time for children to be involved in sport and craft activities as well as to learn social skills.

Campers are grouped by age and have a counselor assigned to them to lead age appropriate activities.  All of our counseling staff are required to complete counselor training.  We are required by NYS DOH to maintain strict counselor to camper ratios to provide a safe and fun environment for your camper.


Summer Recreation Camp Objectives

The objectives are to:

  1. Provide opportunities and relationships that will help develop social interaction independence, personal awareness, and a positive use of leisure time;
  2. Provide opportunities for self-expression through arts and crafts, sports and socialization with peers; provide trips to places of interest;
  3. Conduct sports activities in order to provide motor skill development, the development of good sportsmanship and social relationships as part of a team and as an individual;
  4. Foster an environment which will allow development of each camper’s potential for self-growth, social interaction and leadership.


Camp Location

Camp will be held at the Burgess-Kimball Memorial Park on Rowland Street and the Milton Community Center on 310 North Line Rd. 


Camp Dates and Hours

The program begins Monday, July 8, 2019 and ends Friday, August 9, 2019.  It runs from 9am to 1pm.  Please be punctual with your camper.

On Wednesdays the camp is held at the Town of Milton Community Center at 310 North Line Rd.  The rest of the week the camp is held at the Burgess-Kimball Memorial Park.

There will be off-site trips that your camper may wish to attend.


Arrival and Departure Policies

It is very important that all children are signed in and out by a parent/guardian or an authorized person each day.

Campers may only leave with their parent/guardian or authorized person listed on the registration form.  If someone else must pick up your child, you must send in a written note ahead of time.  Phone calls are not acceptable.  Our staff will require identification from anyone picking up a camper that they don’t recognize.

Registration Information

Registration packets are available at the Town of Milton office or at http://www.townofmiltonny.org/docs/recreation.html Payment for Camp and Field Trips are due at registration.

Camper Orientation

Camper orientation is held on the first day of camp.  Orientation is given to all campers.  It includes general information, rules, boundaries of camp area and an emergency drill.  Campers not present on the first day will receive orientation on the first day they attend.

Camp Attire

This is an outdoor camp.  Your child will get dirty and occasionally wet.  Don’t send your child in new clothes.  We are here to have fun.  Please send your child in comfortable clothes and shoes (no flip-flops) as we do sports.


Campers need to provide their own snacks, lunches and water bottles.  Please make sure that snacks, lunches and water bottles have the campers name on them.  Please refrain from bringing snacks with peanuts due to camper allergies.  Campers will not be allowed to use the soda vending machine.

Special Needs

If your camper has difficulty participating in any activity, please notify their counselor and/or the camp director.

Field Trip Information

Information regarding camp field trips will be on the camp calendar.  Permission slips are included in the registration packet.

Campers MUST wear Town of Milton Summer Rec T-Shirts for all field trips off site.


Town of Milton Summer Recreation camp uses BSCSD buses and drivers for the field trips.  Al campers must wear seatbelts while on the bus.

Bus Rules:

⦁          Remain in your seat

⦁          Wear seatbelt

⦁          Nothing goes out the window (including hands/heads)

⦁          Do not write on or in the bus

⦁          Do not litter on the bus

⦁          Keep feet out of the aisles

⦁          Listen to roll call and directions

⦁          No eating or drinking on the bus

⦁          No vandalism will be tolerated

Trip Rules:


⦁          Always be with your buddy

⦁          Always be able to see your counselor

⦁          Make sure you can hear and understand directions from director/counselors

⦁          Let director/counselor know of any problems

⦁          Make sure you have your camp shirt on and appropriate footwear

Pedestrian Safety

If your camper is walking or biking to and from camp without adult supervision, you must give them permission.  There is a spot on the application.  Teach your camper the rules of the road.

⦁          Stop before going into traffic. LOOK left, right, left.  Proceed with caution

⦁          Stay on the far right side of the road

⦁          Obey stop signs

⦁          Look back and yield to traffic coming from behind you

⦁          Wear a helmet, if you are biking

Medical Information

The Town of Milton Summer Recreation Program is a day program.  Camp staff IS NOT permitted to dispense medications or apply sunscreen/bug spray.  Please apply sunscreen and/or bug spray prior to coming to camp.  If your camper comes to camp ill or becomes ill during camp hours, you will be called to come pick them up immediately.

Do not send campers if they have:

⦁          Conjunctivitis (pink eye)

⦁          Fever within the last 24 hours

⦁          Vomiting or upset stomach

⦁          Signs of general fatigue or discomfort

⦁          Rash

⦁          Head lice

⦁          Chronic cough or runny nose

Inhalers and Epi-Pens

Some campers have asthma and/or other serious allergies.  This is why we do not want snacks with peanuts as they may harm another camper with allergies. Medication Authorization Form http://www.townofmiltonny.org/docs/recreation.html

It is important for you to let us know if your camper has any allergies.  We also need to be aware if campers carry epi-pens and inhalers.

The Town of Milton Summer Recreation Program employees are not allowed to dispense medications; the following guidelines have been established:

⦁          Campers may carry epi-pens or inhalers on them or they may be left at the camp office with the health director.

⦁          Medication Authorization Form (in registration packet) must be signed by parent/guardian and physician.

⦁          A copy of the RX must be attached to the Medication Authorization Form

⦁          Medication MUST BE in the ORIGINAL package with the RX label on it

⦁          Camper MUST BE able to self-administer the medication

Children at Risk

All child care agencies are required by law to report suspected child abuse or maltreatment if they have a reasonable cause to suspect it.  Our staff is trained in recognizing abuse and maltreatment.  Maltreatment can be: failing to provide proper medical care, excessive punishment, misuse of alcohol, drugs etc.

Parents who bring or pick up their camper under the influence of alcohol or drugs present a risk to their child and others.  Our staff is required to report this to the authorities and

⦁          call another parent or person on the emergency contact list or

⦁          contact a neighbor or friend or

⦁          call a taxi

Weather Information

The Town of Milton Summer Recreation Program is an outdoor camp.  We do not have buildings to go into.  Nature and weather occur and sometimes unexpectedly.  Temperature, winds and occasional storms are factors we deal with each day.  Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather.

Rain? Yes we will still have camp if it is raining.  If conditions change to extremely heavy rain, wind, thunder and lightning, campers will be walked over to the Town of Milton Hall. Phone 518-885-9220 ext 113

Please use your discretion as to whether you send your child to camp in bad weather.

Emergency Procedures

When campers are in the park, the park is CLOSED to the public for their safety.

Campers run, yell, play, fall and occasionally skin their knees.  We do not call for every bump and bruise. Otherwise, if a camper is injured, a health problem arises or professional medical help is needed, the following steps are taken:

⦁          Call parent/guardian

⦁          Give appropriate medical attention

⦁          Call 911, if necessary

⦁          Camp Director will follow up

Every situation is unique and will be handled appropriately.

Address and Telephone Numbers

Please inform the Camp Director if there are any changes to your address and phone number.  If emergency contact information changes, it is important that we know this.

General Information

Please check the board daily for upcoming events and information.

Appropriate Behavior of Children at Camp

Please realize that your child is at a day camp, not at school and that everything is open and accessible to all campers.  There are not separate classrooms or lockers to keep things safe.

Please talk with your camper about responsibility and safety:

⦁          Remind campers about appropriate language and actions towards other campers and counselors

⦁          Remind campers about responsibility for their own belongings (clothes, towel, snacks, bikes, etc)

⦁          Campers should not be coming to camp with money in hand unless it is a field trip day

⦁          Remind campers about appropriate dress and footwear

Please talk with your child regarding:

⦁          Appropriate behavior – Aggressive, vulgar behavior IS NOT permitted

⦁          Fighting, hitting, pushing, biting, kicking, tackling, etc IS NOT permitted

⦁          Bullying IS NOT permitted

⦁          Appropriate language – Foul, offensive language, name calling IS NOT permitted

⦁          Respect other campers, counselors and the equipment

⦁          All campers are EXPECTED to HELP with cleanup

⦁          Your camper may NOT leave camp without your permission AND permission from the counselor and/or director

Discipline Procedures

Please go over the rules and regulations with your camper prior to camp.  Please discuss with the camp director any concerns you may have or that your camper may be having. Camper Behavior Policy - http://www.townofmiltonny.org/docs/recreation.html

Campers MUST display acceptable behavior and be accountable for their actions.  Parents must understand that campers need to follow the rules and regulations for the safety of themselves and others around them.  Discipline/behavior problems will be noted on a discipline form.

Significant or continual behavior problems will be brought to the attention of the parent.  If behavior continues, we follow the 3 strike rule:

Strike one:      Warning to camper.  Noted on discipline form.  Discussion of the rules. Parent contacted at pick up.

Strike two:      Camper is pulled from activity.  Discussion of the rules.  Noted on discipline form.  Parent is contacted. Camper is suspended from attending the next day.

Strike three:   Camper is pulled from activity.  Parent is contacted.  Meeting with parent and camp director.  At that time there will be a determination of whether the camper will be allowed to return.

Any camper who intentionally injures another child while at camp will be dismissed from the remainder of the camp program.

Any camper who intentionally destroys/damages/vandalizes camp property may be dismissed from the program.  Any charges incurred will go directly to the camper parent/guardian.

Financial Aid Application - http://www.townofmiltonny.org/docs/recreation.html