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Contact: Laura Orminski, Sole Assessor
Phone: (518) 885-8047
Exemption Info and Forms

What you should know about STAR

**The Town of Milton Assessor's Office is continuing to collect inventory and update residential photos in the Town of Milton. For our safety, information will be collected from the roadside or your driveway. The Town employee's will be wearing Town of Milton identification and driving a Town vehicle. If you do NOT want the Assessor to be on your property, please contact our office**

Prior Years Final Assessment Roll
You may access it by clicking HERE
Assessment Board
The Assessor's Office administers all aspects of real property assessment in the Town of Milton. The Assessor identifies all property in the Town and estimates the value of each parcel. The town, county, and school budgets determine the amount of tax to be raised. The Assessment determines the share each property owner will pay toward the total tax levy.
Our doors are always open and we're here to assist homeowners in any way we can. Please call (518) 885-8047 if you have any questions or concerns - We're here to serve YOU!
Assessment Calendar
  • March 1st - Deadline for exemptions. Taxable Status Date (Property inventory as of this date.)
  • May 1st - Tentative Assessment Roll filed
  • 4th Tuesday in May - Grievance Day (4pm - 8pm)
  • Grievance Form
  • July 1st - Final Assessment Roll filed. Valuation Dates (Sales used through prior July 1st)
2024 Grievance Day is May 28th, 2024 4-8PM
2024 Assessment Roll will be available 8AM-4PM until May 28th 2024 Monday - Friday no appointment necessary.
Assessor will sit with the 2024 Assessment Roll May 6th & 13th, 2024 9am-4PM; May 11th 2024, 9AM-1pm (by appointment only)

Services available at the Assessor's office
  • Assessment rolls with cross reference by location and owners names.
  • Tax Maps (Boundary lines of parcels and surrounding parcels)
  • Property Record Cards - Current owners, picture, sketch and inventory of every parcel
  • Exemption Forms and assistance in filing
  • Comparable assessments and comparable sales analysis
County Level Services
All deeds, surveys and property transfers are recorded at the County Clerk's Office, 40 McMaster St., Ballston Spa.
Helpful Links
Exemptions Available (DEADLINE MARCH 1st)
Exemption Info and Forms:
Please click links below to access forms
STAR Program
New York State, through the STAR program, provides a credit for school taxes for all owner-occupied primary residence (including mobile homes in parks).
Basic STAR - is for all owner-occupied residences with annual income under $500,000(new legislation for 2019) and no age requirement. Please register for STAR online at STAR if you are a new homeowner. 
Enhanced (or Senior) STAR - is for owners 65 years of age or over (by 12/31 of the year you are applying for) with a 2022 income under $98,700 for the 2024 tax year (the maximum income allowed changes every year).
You may register for STAR Credit by calling (518) 457-2036 or at
NEW FOR 2022 - NYS Law regarding mobile/manufactured homes in parks - Home owners are no longer eligible for the STAR exemption.  Please register for STAR credit at STAR or call 518-457-2036

Senior Exemption
(For those with a lower income) RP467 & RP467-INS. Reduction in school and town and county taxes for qualified incomes. 65 years of age and income under $32,400 for Ballston and Galway Schools; income under $37,400 for Saratoga Springs school and income under $24,000 for Town Taxes. For this exemption income equals your total income for the prior year minus out of pocket medical expenses.
Disability Exemption
RP459-c & RP459 INS. For owners under 65 years of age that quality for Social Security Disability and have a limited income. Saratoga Springs School allows a total income of $32,400 and Ballston School allows a total income of $26,900 for the prior year.
Veterans Exemption
RP458A or RP458B. Prior active duty with a DD214 discharge paper for military service is required. All dates of service qualify. Alternative vets are service during a foreign war period. Cold War Vets are service during peacetime.
Agricultural Exemption
Must meet an income and acreage requirement or lease land to a farmer who does qualify.
Exemption Renewals
Senior (Enhanced) STAR - Will no longer be mailed as they are now being automatically renewed at NYSDTF
Senior exemptions for lower income - mailed to homeowners in June
Disability exemption - mailed to homeowners in June
Agricultural exemption - mailed in September
No renewals are required for Basic / Enhanced STAR or Veterans Exemptions
March 1st of each year is the last day for filing information or exemptions for rolls and bills published during the next 12 months.